Yes we are accepting new NHS patients at present.
The first step towards registering is to contact us to arrange an initial visit to see a dentist who will assess your dental needs. This can be done by telephoning us on 01259-723225 or click here. Our staff will be more than happy to help with any queries you may have.
At your first appointment you will be given a medical history form to fill in. This allows us to plan your treatment to your personal needs. When you attend it is helpful if you could bring a list of any current medication.
If you are exempt from payment for dental treatment or only have to pay a certain amount towards your treatment the evidence for this should be brought to your check up appointment. This allows us to process the correct paperwork and alleviates any later difficulties.
We always provide patients with a written estimate for treatment at their check up appointment. On the NHS at present, examinations are cost free but it is normal for x-rays of the teeth to be taken at initial examinations and at appropriate regular intervals determined by a patients dental health, these do incur a small charge. Details of our NHS and Private charges can be found here.
Some treatments are not available at all under the NHS such as white crowns and fillings on back teeth and teeth whitening. These have to be carried out under a private fee scale. At other times being treated on a private basis allows your dentist to spend more time on your treatment and use the best possible materials and equipment.
When a patient does not attend an appointment or cancels at short notice the space cannot be filled. This means another patient could have used that appointment. As a result, waiting times for appointments increase. The practice is also losing money. To protect ourselves from this and to act as a deterrent we, like all dental practices, charge an appropriate broken appointment fee if the patient is a regular offender.
We accept cash, cheque (with a valid cheque guarantee card), most credit and debit cards.