Principal Dentists

Dr Charles Macdonald, BDS, MFGDP
Dr Charles Macdonald, BDS, MFGDPPartner | GDC No: 57960
Dr Gordon Morson, BDS
Dr Gordon Morson, BDSPartner | GDC No: 74502
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Dr Lesley Paterson, BDS
Dr Lesley Paterson, BDSAssociate | GDC No: 65400
Dr Mark Sorbie, BDS
Dr Mark Sorbie, BDSAssociate | GDC No: 74602
Dr Stephen Bissett, BDS, MJDF, RCS
Dr Stephen Bissett, BDS, MJDF, RCSAssociate | GDC No: 243690
Dr Amy Lee, BDS
Dr Amy Lee, BDSAssociate | GDC No: 270471
Dr Stuart Findlay, BDS
Dr Stuart Findlay, BDSAssociate | GDC No: 270602
Dr Rebecca Morris, BDS
Dr Rebecca Morris, BDSAssociate | GDC No: 277461
Dr Anmar Al Ansari, BDS
Dr Anmar Al Ansari, BDSAssociate | GDC No: 283811
Dr Nida Shah, BDS
Dr Nida Shah, BDSAssociate | GDC No: 284477


  • Mrs Wendy Spencer – GDC No: 4567
  • Mrs Shona Campbell – GDC No: 5276
  • Mrs Suzanne Turnbull – GDC No: 10235

Dental Nurses

  • Mrs Claire Law, Senior Dental Nurse GDC: 122688
  • Mrs Helen Kells, Dental Nurse GDC: 122724
  • Mrs Lyndsey Monaghan, Dental Nurse GDC: 152472
  • Mrs Kimberley McCaig, Dental Nurse GDC: 172981
  • Mrs Janet Morgan, Dental Nurse GDC: 122789
  • Mrs Isabel Pickerill, Dental Nurse GDC:126184
  • Miss Amanda Anderson, Dental Nurse GDC: 155839
  • Mrs Gemma Robertson, Dental Nurse GDC: 197348
  • Miss Julie McCluskey, Dental Nurse GDC: 224341
  • Miss Sarah Cunningham, Dental Nurse GDC: 245338
  • Mrs Fiona Cairney, Dental Nurse GDC: 162508
  • Miss Laura Young, Dental Nurse GDC: 255953
  • Mrs Suzanne Murray, Dental Nurse GDC: 190824
  • Miss Sian Smillie, Trainee Dental Nurse


Our receptionists will greet you on arrival and deal with requests for appointments and any other queries you may have…

  • Mrs Elaine Johnson, Senior Receptionist
  • Mrs Janet Martin
  • Miss Claire McBrien

Practice Manager

  • Mr James Macdonald BSc (Hons), CEng MIET MIHM
    James is responsible for all operations and management of this practice including our state of the art cleaning and decontamination/sterilisation unit

Accounts Manager

  • Mrs Anne Macdonald
    Anne is responsible for our practice accounts